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    Walking through a house or garage you can see that people really need to organize, especially if there are materials everywhere. Tell A Yarn or Two offers you the best way to store your crocheting and sewing materials with great storage options from major trusted brands like Rubbermaid, Ziploc, Sterilite, and other clear or colored totes.

  • Keeping your sewing projects organized in small totes will help you realize what kinds of materials you have on hand, what new materials you need for projects, and safely store projects that aren’t finished yet. We have totes in all sizes to keep your materials organized and separated from other materials that you might not want to mix. Tell A Yarn or Two also has those small compartment storage containers to help keep your needles, bobbins, thread, zippers, buttons, and everything else tiny all in one place.

    Storage containers will help you take control over the materials and supplies that might rule your closets or storage areas. Keeping them all one color to show the type of materials on the inside will help you save on tape or require the use of a marker. The better you’re organized the easier it is to plan out your projects. Get ahead of schedule with Tell A Yarn or Two today!

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