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    Fashion is everywhere, whether we want to acknowledge it or not, fashion determines many people’s entire style over their lifetime. Tell A Yarn or Two is here to supply you with all of cutest materials, sewing books, project ideas, and sewing machines to help you stitch together fun and unique clothing pieces and cloth accessories you cannot find anywhere else.

    Collecting old clothes isn’t a fun activity, however repurposing your clothes and materials into different items is absolutely fun. Refresh your old clothes or cloth materials with decorative alterations, design accessories, quilts, artwork, or convert one piece of clothing into another. Check through our stock here at Tell A Yarn or Two to grab sewing books a project ideas for you to take a swing at for your next big project.

  • When you’re busy repurposing old clothes and materials, you’re going to want a sewing machine to help you achieve all of the huge projects you’re looking to complete. There are many types of sewing machines out there, but we carry top-quality machines so you can get what you need all in one item. Bernina machines have some of the best qualities in a sewing machine you can find, with a fully-computerized core and the option to embroider your t-shirts, hoodies, and accessories. Another great machine we offer is the Pfaff brand. With unbridled technology you will find yourself staying up all night looking to finish all of your projects.

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