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  • Proggy Kit- Stars and Stripes Bag
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  • Lion Brand Crochet Hook Set 3/Pkg
  • Crocheting

    Crocheting, like sewing is an ancient practice founded centuries ago. Tell A Yarn or Two is here to keep the memory alive by offering materials, books, and plenty of tools to help you create doilies, purses, afghans, and blankets. Using crochet hooks and yarn you will be able to create many items you never thought to create before. Check through our category pages to find everything you need for a fun craft night today.

  • When you have no idea how to complete a crocheting project, or even start one for that matter, check through the large variety of books and guides we have for crocheting many different accessories and yarn decor. You know the feeling of visiting grandma’s house, falling asleep underneath a heavy yarn blanket; those are called afghans. Colorful, warm, sometimes itchy, yet hole-y afghans are favorite among everyone who loves to stay cozy. Grab plenty of patterns for your next colorful afghan project to gift to your friends or family.

  • Understanding the needle gauge for your next crochet project is important, as the gauge changes the look, feel, and stretch of the article or blanket you’re creating. If you use a smaller crochet needle, the tighter your stitches will be and vice versa the bigger the crochet needles, the looser and stretchier your project will be. Tell A Yarn or Two has plenty of crochet hooks in various materials and sizes to keep your hand comfortable and your project looking great stop in today to get all of your materials for your next crochet idea.

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