• Sewing and crocheting are ancient practices that some of the first peoples participated in to help protect, stay warm, and start fashion trends that had a part in shaping what we know today.

    Tell a Yarn or Two offers you plenty of sewing, crocheting, and storage options so you can take on huge projects and learn how to create many different types of clothing, accessories, and storage containers to hold all of your supplies.

    Sewing is a fun pastime for some and for others it’s the way they make their living. You may not originally think sewing to be that glamorous, but when you step back and realize that there’s a whole industry out there dedicated to fashion; sewing is the foundation to fashion. Check out all of the sewing supplies we offer here to see how we measure up to the competition.

  • Crocheting is a simple and fun pastime. No matter what age you are you can learn to crochet with all of our materials, books, and plenty of patience. With the never-ending fun of crocheting, you can create anything and everything you want. Our guides will show you how to create blankets, yarn jewelry for the kids, and even purses. Tell A Yarn or Two is here to inspire you with materials, ideas, and plenty of crocheting books.

    Being an avid crafter, you find that you collect materials whether you have a project for them or not. Some people rely on staying organized with shelf space, but once you’ve lost so much room you’re going to need organization and storage space. We have plenty of storage containers in many sizes that will hold all of your sewing and crocheting supplies. Tell A Yarn or Two has all of the best sewing, crocheting, and storage options so you can craft a multitude of great items to gift or fill your house with.

  • Couture Sewing Techniques
  • Singer Sewing Basket Kit
  • Crochet Fashions

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